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7 reasons why you need to get involved in a Strategy Planning Meeting with us now!

Our Strategy Meeting season is upon us … want to know why you should be involved? Right now is a crucial time to be seeking out your business advisor to set yourself up for success in the coming year.

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A strong strategy is the heart of your successful business

Putting strategy at the heart of your business activity will not only give your business greater direction and focus but lead to stimulating, profitable fee opportunities too. It’s time to get started, we can help!

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Unpacking the Federal Budget

See what major measures were proposed and how this could impact your business and what opportunities might this budget present for you in 2022.

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When does an independent contractor become an employee?

It is very important to understand if someone is an independent contractor or an employee. You also need to know the difference between the two and what that means for tax purposes.

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How to get the best tax result for my income tax return?

When starting a new financial year, people can be left wondering what they need to provide us with in order to claim the most they can and prepare the irindividual tax return for the previous financial year. Here is a guide to some of the essentials needed for us to complete your individual tax returnHere are a few of our tips to get the best tax result for your 2022 income tax return.

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Key changes to super

Last month the government passed the bill “Enhance Superannuation Outcomes for Australians & Helping Australia Businesses Invest” with the following key changes we think you should know about.

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A great accountant vs a tax agent

We alternate between the term ‘tax planning’ and ‘strategy meeting’ internally here as the process we go through with our business clients between April and June covers both of these areas. Our mindset is to cover 4 pillars of....read more

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How do your results compare?

During the tax planning and strategy season we completed reviews with 250 plus businesses. There were some interesting facts that came out of the reviews...

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