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Key performance in your business

It is easy to get caught focusing on how to pay as little tax as possible. But tax minimisation is only part of the puzzle. The most important part of the puzzle is.....

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14 Strategies to save tax before 30/6

Consider these tax saving strategies to minimise your 2021 tax!

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A new normal in COVID and in Business

There have been some really hard lessons in COVID for business. But challenges have brought opportunity and a forced adaptation to a new way of life especially with technology. There is no going back now that a new normal exists so what should businesses do to be successful in the new normal, read more

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What's going on in our local economy?

The local economy has really strengthened in the past six months on the back of continued coal production and improved coal prices, increased demand for residential building stimulated by the $25k building boost grant and strong demand for residential property. Here is a summary of what we are seeing various sectors of the local economy, read more.

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How has the pandemic changed the way we work?

There’s no doubt the COVID 19 Pandemic has changed our way of life, our thinking and the way we work (or want to work). Some say that there has been a positive impact on workplace culture since the lockdown with the ability for many to now work from home. Others say that working from home can be isolating & home v work priorities are now competing.

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What's Happening in the mining industry?

There is no doubt that mining is a massive part of our local economy. Statistics from the Queensland Resources Council have over 45% of total employment in the region being attributed to the mining industry. What this means is that if the mines sneeze we all catch a cold. What can you do to prepare your business for the next 12 months and beyond?

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What's happening in the Building & Construction Industry?

It’s an extremely busy time for the building and construction industry and now more than ever it's important to be across any changes or updates. Read more on our director Melinda Kidd's evaluation on what is happening now

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What’s happening in the local economy?

The government stimulus has created somewhat of a false economy with the aim of propping up business throughout COVID. So what is likely to happen in our local region as this stimulus comes to an end and what do you need to be doing in your own business to protect yourself.

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