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Inspire Advisory Board

Business advisory is one of many services Inspire provide to ensure clients are on the right path to success. Therefore, they see it’s essential that they too, seek advice on what direction they're heading.  

Many topics are discussed in these quarterly board meetings including human resources, training opportunities, business development and innovation.

These board meetings keep Inspire’s directors accountable in working on their business continually and ensure they are offering the very best experience across all services they provide. The board is made up of Inspire directors Gary West and Melinda Kidd, Annabel Dolphin from Dolphin Management & Consulting and Steven Boxall CEO of Barcaldine Council. Each advisory member brings a unique strength that combined gives Inspire’s directors the advice they need to continually deliver our clients positive outcomes as well as a harmonious and productive work place.

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We continually focus on building key relationships among other professionals in our region.  We see this as an essential process ensuring if we don’t know something we have the right contacts to be able to find out how which ultimately allows us to reach better outcomes for our clients.

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