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Employee Benefits

Our employer of choice criteria includes:

  • Anonymous voice Tinypulse
  • Flexibility to work four day week or have a short day
  • Performance based renumeration - based on outcomes achieved rather than hours worked
  • Active Social club with responsibilities shared among employees
  • Modern ergonomic office
  • Weekly training
  • Six monthly appraisals
  • Regular feedback on both individual and team performance
  • Open door policy
  • Team meetings and get togethers
  • Communication of business goals and targets
  • Transparency in firm reporting so you know exactly how you are performing
  • Diverse customer base so opportunity to do different types of work
  • Progressive firm offering business advisory, not just compliance
  • Opportunity to attend external training whenever offered
  • Opportunity for career progression
  • Mentoring from those more senior than themselves
  • Fun/charity days
  • Opportunity to attend networking events
  • Strong leadership
  • A team emphasis from leadership
  • An emphasis on fun, personality and positive culture from leadership
  • An  emphasis on training and career development from leadership
  • Philanthropic, community involved team and firm
  • Annual leave bonus where no/low sick leave taken
  • A progressive, young firm and brand to be involved in
  • Inclusive environment with direct involvement in decision-making and process implementation where appropriate
  • Individual and team incentives
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