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How to Create a High Performing Team

Developing a high performing team is an essential part of any growing business, particularly during periods of high growth. I would like to share with you how we have been able to achieve this, allowing us to not only grow, have a happy and healthy workplace but also have a low staff turnover and provide our clients with the same friendly service.

The first step in developing a high performing team is to get your employees engaged in your business and treating your business as their own.

In July, the Inspire partners presented our team with the“2020 Launch”. At our launch night, including dinner and drinks at The Dispensary, our team learned:

  • Whether our business met its 2019 goals by reviewing the key targets and whether we met each of them
  • What our goals for the 2020 year are
  • What they can each do personally to contribute to these goals
  • What is in it for them (WIIFM) if they meet their personal goals
  • What is in it for them (WIIFM) if they assist in meeting the business goals
  • Inspire’s Marketing Plan     and what they can do to help us implement this


The team were also asked for feedback on the goals &they shared with each other about their personal experiences and knowledge of how they go about achieving the goals and gave newer team members pointers.


We were extremely happy and excited to announce that the 2019 team goals were met and, as a reward, we are celebrating our Christmas Party at Hamilton Island this year which they were all motivated to strive towards! 


In the next edition of High Performing Teams, we discuss creating win win situations through individual and team incentives.

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