Exiting your Business

Exiting your Business

Have you decided on how to create and maintain long term wealth for you and your family? A little bit goes a long way but it’s hard to get there without some thought, plans and a little guidance.

We are one step ahead, so we can work with you on what’s coming next.

How about your retirement?

When it comes to your own retirement plans, you will have to make arrangements too. A self-managed superfund (SMSF) is like a custom made superfund ready for you when you retire. They are great vehicles to invest in because of the low tax advantages and asset protection rules. You take control of your investments and invest in what you know, like and trust.

Melinda Kidd works with her specialised team on the self-managed superfunds for all our clients. Have a cup of coffee with her and learn all about your possibilities.

Are you ready to sell your business?

Don’t wait until you are ready to sell your business, if you want to sell it to the right person for the best price, you will need time and expert advice to get there. The changes necessary to ready your business for sale are also the changes that make staying in the business more worthwhile so it’s a win-win!

To prepare your business for sale you need to:

  • Reduce the risk of your business
  • Improve the maintainable earnings of your business
  • Take advantage of opportunities available to improve the business
  • Ensure the structures are set up to get the best result from the sale
  • Create demand for the business to drum up competition when it goes on the market

As you know from owning your business, these variables take careful planning and time.
We have plenty of strategies to help you improve in these areas!

Have you considered other options instead of selling?

The proceeds of sale are crucial for your retirement. Once you are out of the business you have cut off your income from that source so it is important to consider if getting out completely is the right thing for you.

Have you thought about?

  • Employing a manager so you can have less involvement
  • Having an employee/family member buy-in so you can have less involvement
  • Transitioning the sale over time rather than cutting the cord completely

You are welcome to come and see us about your business and retirement possibilities; it’s what we do.